HI Doubly Linked List

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While learning data structure I always used to think that when will I use this thing in my real life projects but recently while working in a project, I feel that here I can use a data structure and that gonna be Doubly Linked List.

What is Doubly Linked List? permalink

It’s a List data structure where you can traverse on both sides as you can go to the next node or to the previous node.

| This is what I understand about DLL, for more please search in Wikipedia.

Image Editor permalink

The project I am working is like an image editor where you can add / edit /crop/scale image and many more. So, now there is a new requirement to add feature Undo/Redo where a user can go back to history and also can move forward from history. I have to save every event’s state somewhere so when a user will press CTRL + Z or CTRL + SHIFT +Z our app has to do Undo or Redo respectively.

Array permalink

In first I thought of adding all the state in the array where I will push every state and whenever I have to do undo i will just pop it from array but after some thinking I thought this will be expensive as pop, slice, shift will rearrange the whole item every time I will call this method. Also, I have to keep track Array index so that I can return the exact state while undoing like if I want an item from last then I have to do is A[currentIndex-1].To solve this problem I thought of some data structure and DLL was the perfect thing which will fit this requirement.

Hello! DLL permalink

So, whenever a user will press CTRL+Z I will call tail of our DLL and will store this node somewhere as currentNode so that whenever another CTRL+Z will occur we will call currentNode.previous() and if a user will do redo then we will call currentNode.next(). I just need to keep track of currentNode, which is the current state in an image editor and if a user will do some changes in the middle of rollback or undo then I will just create a new state and will assign it to the previous node.