Keyboard using CSS Grid

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Last week I was learning about the CSS grid which I always ignored but always wanted to learn about it. Though I do a lot of frontends, it is mostly focused with JS/React and I do very fewer design things like slicing out PSD, A HTML from UI but when I work on my pet projects I have to do all the things on my own and I find it quite hard to make layout accurate to my thinking because of margin, padding, floating and clearing: both;

I came to know CSS GRID is good to do layouts, aligning and positioning.

I made a simple Virtual keyboard to learn CSS GRID so I will be noting some key points here so I can revision it in the future.

URL to Virtual Keyboard:




I have taken inspiration from the image below, i.e how the layout of the keyboard will be in skeleton

So we will have four grid areas which will be Function, Alphanumeric, Control Pad, Arrow Pad, Numpad. Grid areas